with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Why You Don’t Want to Drink Tea

By Dr. Flora van Orden, PhD, Nutrition

Teas are empty calories, even the best herbal teas. There is no electricity or chi in them.

Instead of putting zero in your body, we are providing you with nearly instant energy from the fruit sugar from real fruit (the only source of energy that is not an unnatural stimulant), and all of the other things you need in the watermelon juice, energy soups with the veggie kraut and nut cheese/yogurt and green drinks to make this a day of complete meal liquid nutrition.

If you chew anything for 20 minutes, your body’s appestat (a chemical indicator that lets you know you are full) indicates to you to stop eating and that you are sated. We want to make sure that for those 20 minutes you are putting in things that really count to heal your body.

I’m trying to put these things into simple terms that everyone can understand in plain English.

Peace and Love Be With You,

[Dr. Flora van Orden, PhD Nutrition, is a friend of Jim’s and was one of his advisors during the years that he was a prominent raw vegan educator. While Jim and Flora don’t always see eye-to-eye, we still respect and consider Flora’s opinion.]


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