with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Welcome to Old Corktown

20160715_131842_Michigan Avenue July 15, 2016 – Jim’s Grandfather moved to Detroit after WW1, got a job as a baggage handler with Railway Express, here at Union Railroad Station, married my Grandmother, and my Dad was born just blocks from here in 1922.



20160715_131639_Vernor HighwayThis section of Detroit was called Old Corktown – the original Irish ghetto of Detroit, in the shadow of the Ambassador Bridge.

20160715_131429_Vernor HighwayNow this part of town is called Mexican Village. What’s left of Corktown is on the other side of Michigan Avenue.

20160715_130908_Saint Anne Street_HDRMuch of Old Corktown has been razed, and used to expand the US Customs operation at the Ambassador Bridge. The house my Dad was born in and grew up in fell victim to that expansion, but the church he was baptized in and served as an altar boy is still there.

20160715_130921_Saint Anne Street_HDR20160715_125929_Saint Anne Street20160715_125919_Saint Anne Street20160715_130744_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_130916_Saint Anne Street_HDRThe parish rectory is on the left, the Ambassador Bridge to Canada is on the right.

20160715_130817_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_130800_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_130704_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_130622_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_130558_Saint Anne Street_HDRMany call St. Anne’s the most beautiful church in Detroit, even more beautiful than the Cathedral. It is definitely an architectural masterpiece, and I’m glad it didn’t fall prey to the bulldozers and expansion of US Customs at the bridge.

20160715_130431_Saint Anne Street_HDRI remember coming here as a very young boy.

20160715_130336_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_130243_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_130214_Saint Anne Street_HDRThe Catholic school that my grandparents sent my Dad to.
The nuns found him to be a handful.

20160715_130151_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_130131_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_130053_Saint Anne Street_HDR

20160715_125902_Saint Anne Street

20160715_125322More of the Corktown neighborhood.

20160715_125006_16th Avenue

20160715_124954_16th Street

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