with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Welcome to Corktown

20160715_152456_Harrison Street

Larra Jones, Cheryl Carey and Tim O’Neal. Two Micks and a Brit looking for action [trouble].

July 15, 2016 – After our tour of St. Anne’s and Mexican Town, we drove over to the Corktown section of Detroit. Compared to what it looked like 20 years ago, it’s now a happening place.

We proceeded to do a pub crawl of places we suspected my Dad and Granddad would have hung out.

20160715_155200_Harrison StreetA neighborhood pub that used to be a grocery, long ago.

IMG_1079Larra thought this fascinating (above), so I’ve included it.


IMG_1078The old tin ceilings were impressive. Especially the attention to detail to painting the crown molding on this one.




20160715_152521_Harrison StreetDigby Grocery was the name of this place 75 years ago. They’ve preserved the entrance tile.


20160715_152457_Harrison StreetLarra, Cheryl and Tim.

20160715_152401_Harrison Street

20160715_152304_Harrison Street

20160715_151854_Michigan Avenue_HDR

20160715_151503_Michigan Avenue_HDR

20160715_151449_Michigan Avenue_HDR

20160715_151351_U.S. 12_HDR

20160715_151316_U.S. 12_HDRPJ’s Lager House on Michigan Avenue, Corktown, Detroit

20160715_151247_U.S. 12_HDRPJ has a record store in the basement




20160715_150232PJ and Jim

20160715_141835_HDRAnother great tin ceiling

20160715_141758_HDRGuitar picks laminated into the bar

20160715_141732_HDRA sign of Detroit – Faygo “soda pop”


20160715_141601_Michigan Avenue_HDR

20160715_140415_Beech StreetBehind PJ’s, an old warehouse converted to loft apartments

20160715_140335_Beech Street

20160715_140126_Michigan Avenue

20160715_140025_Michigan Avenue

20160715_135754_U.S. 12My sister Cheryl and wife Larra, outside the Irish-American Club. Founded in the 1920’s, there’s a very high probability my Dad and Granddad both drank here, at different times.

20160715_133659_U.S. 12Cheryl, Jim, Larra and Tim

20160715_132559_Michigan AvenueCheryl showing off her Gaelic League membership card, leaning against the Guiness.

20160715_132546_Michigan Avenue

20160715_132528_Michigan AvenueLike many of the Irish, my sister never learned to write, as evidenced by her unsigned membership card, above.

20160715_132419_Michigan Avenue

20160715_132346_Michigan Avenue

20160715_132314_Michigan Avenue

20160715_131917_Michigan Avenue

20160715_131907_Michigan AvenueTim and Cheryl

20160715_163549_West Fort StreetNow we’re driving into downtown Detroit

20160715_163547_West Fort Street

20160715_163528_West Fort Street

20160715_163519_Trumbull Avenue

20160715_163557_West Fort Street

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