with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Our Wedding Day

Photo14_croppedIf you’re in love, you’re in love.

When you’ve been together for 16 to 24 hours a day, for 10 days, that’s like 40 dates. And as much as we talked and shared on those dates, plus how much we shared by email over the past six months, we both felt we really, really knew each other.

It’s my belief that Larra is the soul-mate I’ve been searching for, for 65 years.

So on December 22, the day after she got back to Maui, I asked Larra to marry me. She agreed, and later that day Larra and I were married on Waipuilani Beach, Kihei, Maui.

It was a private ceremony, because if we invited one person we’d have to invite 500, and then we’d have to wait 3-6 months.

Just to clarify, we were married in a commitment ceremony, not in the eyes of any State, Province or Country. Getting “legally” married is too complicated, with Larra a Canadian and me an American, and both of us on government pension.

Photo10Our wedding rings. The sides and the gears move together.
These rings represent the synchronicity that brought our lives together.  ring_1On “our” beach, at sunset.





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