with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Vancouver to Kamloops

Kamloops_Planning_MapJune 15, 2016 – We’re on the road! After a leisurely start this morning, doing last-minute laundry and final packing of the car, Larra and I hit the road at 11 am.

We drove the Trans-Canada Highway 1 from Vancouver to Hope, then north through the Fraser Canyon, up to Cache Creek, then east to Kamloops.

We were going to camp tonight, but were concerned about how cold it was going to get tonight. We then found, thanks to the magic of the Internet and smart phones, that we could get a room in downtown Kamloops for just $12 CN more than a campsite. We’re in that room now. With heat, a soft bed and a hot shower.


Driving east out of Vancouver, we watched the Rockies gradually grow, the farther east we got.


We stopped in Hell’s Gate. As our friends warned, it was a fifteen minute stop, and then we’d seen it all.


Between Hell’s Gate and Lytton the mountains started to get spectacular.


At Lytton we saw the spot where the Fraser and Thompson rivers meet, flowing blue on one side and brown on the other, for miles downstream before they mix.


Larra Jones and Jim Carey, practicing with our new selfie stick.


Trains were running south about every 30 minutes. North of Lytton we found a great spot to watch a long freight wind along the Fraser river.



Every kilometer we drove, the scenery became more magnificent. Here we were about 350 meters ASL.


Railroad tracks run along both sides of the river.


Somehow, when getting back into the car, I managed to lose one of my flip-flops here. Right here. If you find a black Quicksilver flip-flop, please mail it to me in Hawaii.





We found the coolest little church at Spence’s Bridge.



Across the highway from the church, we saw a waterfall.



Here’s where we ended up today, after crossing 725 meters ASL:

Tomorrow we’re heading up to Jasper, and plan to spend a few days seeing all of the sights between Jasper and Banff, Alberta.


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