with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Twisted Road to Hana

November 5th & 6th, 2015

Larra: One of the things Jim wanted to do, at the beginning of my visit, was to drive around the eastern part of Maui, Haleakala, the dormant volcano, in order to “Get an idea of what Maui really is.” His words.

I thought it a great idea, even when he mentioned we’d be spending the night in Hana. At the time, I didn’t give it any thought.


Click the plus mark to zoom in a bit to see the road – at this part, the Hana Highway, around the island. When we get to the far side of Haleakala the road becomes the Piilani Highway.

20150602_115733_hdr-panoThe coast of the North side of Maui is rugged, and the highway follows the coastline, in and out, up and down.


20150602_120611_hdrOne of the villages along the coast, on the way to Hana.


20150602_150624_hana-hwy_hdrA black sand beach.

20150602_171837_hdrWhen we got to Hana and went into the office, Jim asked for a room. This was the first point that I went… “Oops. Are we sleeping together tonight? Whoa….!!!”

But then Jim said, “A room with two beds.”

Whew. Dodged that bullet. For now. Am I ready to sleep with this guy? I’m not sure…

Jim took me out to a romantic dinner, looking out on the Ocean and Hana Bay. When we got back to the hotel he carried a couple of chairs up onto the hillside and we watched the waves roll in on the beach as the moon came up.

When we finally went to bed, at the late, late hour of 9 pm, Jim was a perfect gentleman.

20150602_182237_hdr-panoIn the morning Jim took me to Hana Bay, where we had breakfast at the locally-run Cafe? Restaurant? In the Community Center there.

20150602_182724_hdrHana Bay

20150603_092023_keawa-pl_hdrA canoe club in Hana Bay. The restaurant is in the red-roofed building on the left.

20150603_113404_hdrA waterfall on the way to Seven Sacred Pools, on the other side of Hana.

20150603_132428_hdrOld Hawaiian construction- building foundations and livestock walls.

20150603_132940_hdrAt the old Huialoha church

20150603_140604_hdrAs you get around to the East side of the island, the road gets rather sketchy

20150603_142059_hdrSouth-East Maui

20150603_142601_hdrA gorge on the South coast that’s incredible!

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