with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Trekking Across Montana

June 22 & 23, 2016 – We crossed into the USA at Sweetgrass, Montana, a hundred miles or so south of Calvary.


We knew we were back in the States when we saw the Paper Dollar Bar. LOL


img_8812 img_8813

Small town, middle of nowhere, low on gas. Larra goes in for coffee, makes friends with the girl working there, hears her life story, gets the coffee for free. It’s a Wonderful Life.img_8814 img_8815 img_8817img_8799 img_8811 img_8808 img_8819 img_8822

20160622_152024_montana-200 20160622_152118_armington-rd 20160622_152128_armington-rd 20160622_152134_armington-rd 20160622_152141_armington-rd 20160622_212212_u-s-87

We got as far as Eddie’s Corner, Montana today. This was the sunset across the prairie, at Eddie’s Corner.

img_8835 img_8836 img_8840The daily loading of the car ritual.

20160623_072743 20160623_073548

Larra’s 10-year-old Toyota Corolla has been great!20160623_074857

We’re really not very good with the selfie stick. LOL.
We hung out at the gas station / casino / restaurant / truck stop / pub last night, made new friends, and really had a great time. They only have four rooms to rent, to get there early.20160623_081441 20160623_082114 20160623_082207 20160623_082811 20160623_082829 20160623_082832 20160623_082854 20160623_082900



Getting off the Interstate, like we did yesterday, is when we always have a great time and see great stuff.20160623_090652 20160623_092541 20160623_092726

We just stumbled on this great old hotel in this picturesque small town, Lavina, Montana. It’s the Adams Hotel, built in 1908.20160623_092804 20160623_092904

img_8841 20160623_093120 20160623_093136 20160623_093251 20160623_093325 20160623_0934500 20160623_093457 20160623_093537 20160623_093551 20160623_093705 20160623_093815 20160623_100336_montana-3 20160623_101339_6th-st 20160623_101403_dakota-ave 20160623_104147_zimmerman-trailDriving into Billings, Montana.

20160623_104336_rimrock-rd 20160623_154430_pompey-creek-rd 20160623_154634_pompey-creek-rd_hdr 20160623_155252 20160623_161635_hdr

img_8792 20160623_161948 20160623_162610 20160623_162923 20160623_163438 20160623_163727


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