with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

CPR Waterfront Train Station

Sept. 13, 2016 – If you’ve seen my post about the Art Deco train station in Omaha, you know I’m a fan of trains, rail and stations. So here’s where we got off the Skytrain in downtown Vancouver – the Neoclassical Canadian Pacific Railway station, built in 1914. Wow.

20160913_151002 20160913_214742 20160913_150740 20160913_150715 20160913_150635

We enjoyed the pub/restaurant, too. Hint: There are no public restrooms in the building, but if you walk into Rogue’s, tell the girl at the door that you’re going to sit at the bar, then walk past the bar and go down the circular staircase, you’ll find the restrooms.20160913_220954 20160913_221003Closeups of the murals around the ceiling. The theme appears to be British Columbia landscapes.20160913_221006 20160913_221011 20160913_221027 20160913_150409

Below the building is still a major rail yard, as you’ll see from the Wikipedia link I posted above.

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