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Electric Green Smoothie

Electric Green Smoothie
Serves 1 to 4 people

Section a fourth of a two-inch slice of organic or local watermelon, barely peeled and with the green left on.

Separate the pink from the green, dice the pink and put it in a blender with a palm full of well-rinsed dulse sea vegetables and 1 tablespoon of soaked for 15 minutes flax seeds.

Blend until you can’t see the dulse anymore.

Add the green rind and blend again.

You may use – in season – peeled and cored organic apples (some favorites are gala or something sweet and crunchy, but ripe), sometimes peeled mangoes and sometimes peeled papaya.

In the other half of the blender, sprinkle organic greens – dandelion, purslane and lambsquarter are my favorites, but sunflower and buckwheat baby greens are easily grown in just 7 days.  Many markets sell microgreens now.

You can also use 4 inches of aloe, freshly cut, and atun cactus, scraped clean of the stickers.  Both of those, along with seeded cucumber, are like inexpensive Retin-A for the skin.

If you are extremely acid, add 10 raw or reconstituted figs, which will change your pH quickly and you will become alkaline.

Stop the use when the soup tastes too sweet. Your tastes will change quickly as you move from acid (ill) to alkaline (healthy).

If you have been eating a lot of starch, add 6 reconstituted organic prunes the first day; the second day, add 5; third, 4; fourth, 3; fifth, 2 and 6th day, 1.

This acts like a roto-rooter and cleans out the starchy mucus that lines the small intestine and gunks up the colon.

Add 2 dollops of homemade Veggi kraut.

In the morning, dice 1/4th (about 2 ounces) of avocado and sprinkle it on top of the soup after you pour it in a bowl.  That amount of fat is all your liver can handle at one time before storing it as fat.

In the p.m., separately blend 12 organic almonds that you have soaked overnight and rinsed. I got a tiny blender that does about a pint at a time and then I will use a cup of almonds and make a big batch of ‘almond cream’ and keep the rest in the fridge in a glass jar with no cap.

This is a living food, like the Veggie kraut, and it cannot be capped, or it will die – and sometimes burst the jar!

Eat with a wooden or hard ceramic/plastic spoon.  Chew each mouthful at least 30 times before you swallow it, in a peaceful place with no TV on, no disturbing conversation or bad feelings.

Put some lovely music on and sit outside, put your feet on the sand, wood, concrete, somewhere where no animals have gone to the bathroom, and feel what is happening to your body, from the feet up.

It may take a few days before you begin to feel the electrical current that comes shooting up your legs from the inside of your ankles, but it is a great feeling of complete circulation.

Some people have told me later that they hadn’t felt circulation in their feet for months or years!

This is electrical food!

You must eat this within 30 minutes or it dies.  Cells regenerate with this electric food and die with cooked foods.

Peace and Love be with You,

[Dr. Flora van Orden, PhD Nutrition, is a friend of Jim’s and was one of his advisors during the years that he was a raw vegan educator. While Jim and Flora don’t always see eye-to-eye, we still respect and consider Flora’s opinion.]



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