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How This Website Began

cropped-Christmas2015-3crop.jpgJim: Today, March 21, 2016, is the the day i started building this website. I did it to serve as backup memory for Larra and I, and as a tribute to my love for her.

We’ve also got a great story, and it’ll be fun to share it. Writer that I am, I can’t resist. ain’t got nothin’ on us!

Here… Somebody hold my beer. Thanks. “Hey, everybody, watch this!”

And so it began…

Please… Look around, look at Categories and Archives, use Search. Click on Next Post when you see it. Get inspired by what we’ve written, what we’ve shared, and let us know what you think.

It just might change your life.

Have a great time!

Larra and Jim


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  1. Jim Carey says:

    So, here I am, posting a comment on my own post, seven months later. In between were 12,000 miles of car driving across North America, 15,000 air miles, and more on foot and bike. What a great story it’s been, so far!

    I’ll check back in, in another six months.

    – Jim Carey

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