with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Yahweh Wellness Center, Part 2

20160730_202945_Columbia HighwayJuly 30, 2016 – Larra and Jim with Hiawatha Cromer.

What an amazing place. What an amazing woman.

Hiawatha was the director of Creative Health Institute before Jim was. Jim and Hiawatha have been longtime friends and I can see why since meeting her.

I had heard about Hiawatha through the raw food movement and likely through Jim’s newsletters. When we arrived Hiawatha had friends staying with her in the house. Dorothy, a Wild Craft Herbalist, and a lady who had spent a lot of time at CHI but was now diabetic and blind; Hiawatha had her on a special diet and was taking excellent care of her.

Dorothy was collecting herbs from the garden and the land surrounding it.  She was a character. A black woman from the south telling us funny stories of her experience with the KKK. I’m terrified of the KKK and I’m not even on their list of the people they hate. I’m a white, non-religious female.

Dorothy had us in stitches with her stories. Dorothy also liked to keep Jim and I busy. She had no problem bossing us around. In a fun way of course. She had Jim pull a field of Echinacea and Horseradish for her. I helped prepare them for travel as Dorothy was shipping the herbs to her home in Georgia.

There were people coming and going, wanting help from Hiawatha, and in her own stride this patient lady helped everyone that walked through that door. She truly is a SAINT. With all this going on Hiawatha still welcomed Jim and I into her home. Found us a place to stay in the BIG house and virtually told us we could stay as long as we wanted.

So with all those people coming and going Hiawatha still found time to show me how to make Raw Green Soup, Raw Spaghetti, and many other recipes. She listened to my stories and let me go through her recipe books and copy whatever I wanted. Did I say this woman is a SAINT? And she will be 84 on September 12th, 2016. I didn’t know that until now but her birth date is the same as my mom’s – September 12th. Aww, that is why I liked her so much.

Jim cut the grass in the hot sun. Of course Dorothy kept telling him to put a shirt on but you know Jim, he likes the sun. Yes he got burnt on the first day of cutting the grass and he had to wear a shirt the next day. Another fella came to stay as well, an old friend of Hiawatha’s, Noor.

He was originally from India, had lived in Chicago for most of his adult life and is now living in South America. I’m not sure if he was living in Argentina or Peru?  He made us an amazing lunch one day. Mostly raw and all deeee-licious. One dish he made was Khichari. It was great. He told us that Khichari was a full meal. That it had all the nutrition anyone would ever need.

We stayed one week at Hiawatha’s. We had been in Michigan for three weeks now and I felt we needed to head south. I hope we go back to see Hiawatha.

Thank you Hiawatha for an amazing stay in Michigan.

Photos of the grounds of the Assembly of Yahweh retreat center and buildings.

20160730_202735_Columbia Highway

IMG_9813Hiawatha’s place.


IMG_9802IMG_9768The grounds – 80 acres of it.

IMG_9773Hiawatha’s neighborhood.


IMG_9777The Assembly center, above, and Hiawatha’s garden.


IMG_9823The “white house,” where Jim and Larra stayed.


20160730_202645_Columbia Highway

20160730_202743_Columbia Highway

20160730_202705_Columbia Highway(0)

IMG_9772Larra thought the mornings in the white hose were “refreshing,”
Jim thought they were freezing.


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