with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Little Beach – The Seduction

Jim: By this time Larra and I had been going out for five days. 16-18 hours a day together. If a normal date is 4-5 hours, then we’re on our 15th or 20th date.

Larra likes drum circles, and she’d heard about the Sunday night drum circles at Little Beach. So I took her there, to Little Beach, past Wailea…

Little Beach is clothing optional. I went naked, of course, and Larra wore her swim suit.

The Seduction

RawVeganSurferTeresaJordanDaughterCandiceLarra and I left Little Beach early that evening because we didn’t want to make the big climb, and descent, in the crowd and after dark. It’d been a long day, so when we got back to Larra’s place at the Maui Sunset I said, “Sweetie, I’m really worn out. Would you mind if I don’t walk you up? I’ll just watch from here until I know you’re inside OK.”

Larra said, “Wouldn’t you like to come up for a few minutes? I have beer?”

When we got to the apartment Larra dragged me straight into the bedroom. I protested and said, “Let me take a shower first, I’m still salty from the beach.”

Larra said, “I don’t care.”

Photo6Larra: I didn’t drag you straight into the bedroom, Jim. I gave you a beer and poured myself some wine first. LOL.

Jim: And you said something about how hot you thought I am. Worked for me…




Little Beach - ZoeAs you can see, I’ve been going to drum circle at Little Beach for a long time. This photo was 2007. That’s me second from the left. Steven Tyler was there. The dancer is Zoe.

Photo credit Russ Firetender of Pa’ia.

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