with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Old Man of the Mountain

20160617_151701_HDRJasper, Alberta – I was taking photos of a church this afternoon when a construction worker walks across the street and comes up to me. I thought he was a firefighter, with his heavy yellow coat and pants with reflective tape, his helmet, face shield and heavy gloves.

He says, “I’m working on that building across the street, and I saw you taking pictures, eh? I’d like to show you something special to us in Jasper, that most people don’t usually get to see.”

“Oh, what’s that?” I replied.

“Come with me.” he said, and started across the street. I introduced myself as we walked, and he said his name is Robert. When we got to the Legion parking lot – the same place I’d shot the Fighting Ravens video earlier today, Robert directed me to look up at the mountains.


The Old Man of the Mountain

“Not everybody can see this, eh?” Robert said, “Let’s see if you can. Look between the tree and the lightpost. Do you see the old man’s face? His nose, eyebrow, chin and mouth?”

“I do.”

He looked at my face. “Do you, really?”

“Yes, really.”

“OK, good. Now, look a bit to the right, eh? Do you see his chest sticking up, and his ribs?”

“Yes, I do!”

“And a bit more to the right, you see his feet?”

“Yes, I see him,” I replied.

“Okay. Good, good. Now go back to his head, look a bit below it and to the left. Do you see the reindeer’s antlers, and his head?”


“You see his skinny brother, more left, eh?”

“I do.”

Robert beamed a smile of yellow, crooked teeth at me. “Wonderful. That’s a good start. Now this next one’s a bit harder to see. Are you game?”

“I am.”


The Old Man of the Mountain, from another vantage point.


20160617_151119“See the mountain top to the right of the smokestack?”

“Got it.”

“Now, look for two round dark spots. Those are his ears. Now, do you see his face, and his mouse snout coming down to the right?”

“I do. I see a mouse face.”

“Now you’re looking at Jasper’s cartoon mouse in the mountain, eh. You’ve got a good imagination. I like that. Want to see one more?”

“Sure.” I was on a roll, and going with the flow.



The head and chest.

Robert said, “Look where the snow is running down the mouse’s backside.”

“I see it.”

“Now, do you see the bunny’s body? And his two floppy ears sticking up from his head?”

I confessed that I couldn’t. Robert tried to describe it three different ways, but I honestly couldn’t see it. “That’s OK, brother. It’s hard to see right now. It’s easier when there’s more snow on the mountain, eh. But you did a lot better than most people.”

I thanked him, and started to open a discussion, but he interrupted and said, “Well, gotta go. eh? Break’s over,” and he sauntered down the street with a smile, waved at a couple driving by, and disappeared around the corner.

When I got back to the room I told Larra the story, and she asked, “How did you meet him?”

“He just walked up to me on the street and started talking.”

“I have never seen anyone that can meet strangers out of the blue like you do, eh? He just walked up to you and started talking?”

“Sure. It happens all the time. I guess it’s just another sign that I’m living in Synchronicity and letting the Universe be my guide.”

Larra smiled and shook her head in understanding.

It’s a wonderful life.



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