with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Jasper Raven Fight

20160617_091228This morning as I walked past the legion hall in Jasper, Alberta, I saw a raven attacking his reflection in the window.

I laughed and continued on. After I walked around the block I saw that he was still fighting with himself. I then realized that I had a camera built into my cell phone, which I had in my pocket. [laughing at myself]

I shot this video, then somebody walked up the sidewalk and the raven took off.

When I drove by an hour later the raven was back, and had brought a friend. Now they were both fighting the ravens in the window, and my phone was back at the hotel. “Don’t leave home without it.”

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  1. […] his name is Robert. When we got to the Legion parking lot – the same place I’d shot the Fighting Ravens video earlier today, Robert directed me to look up at the […]

  2. Steven says:

    Too funny about one raven bringing back another to fight itself in the mirrored window. Great video and right on…never leave home without it! That goes for a lot of things! HA!

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