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The Homes Where Jim Grew Up

July 17, 2016 – On Sunday my son, Jason, loaded the family in the car and we went for a tour of the homes that I grew up in.

In the early ’70s, with my sister Monica and I both off to college, my parents decided it was time to move to a smaller house, and having maintenance taken care of by a condo association was very attractive. Below is the condo they moved to on Northfield Parkway in Troy, not far from Troy High School.

When I came home to visit from college my bedroom was in the finished basement. Without any windows. I never stayed long. LOL

20160717_122308_Northfield Parkway

20160717_122233_Northfield Parkway

20160717_122218_Northfield ParkwayBelow is our house at 2691 Binbrooke, Troy, Michigan, where we lived from 1963 until about 1972. I was in college when my folks moved to Old Creek Road. My bedroom, which I shared with my brother Mark, was behind the upper left window.

The trees were saplings when my Dad planted them, and weren’t very big when we moved out.

20160717_120612_Oxford Drive

Below is our home at 1814 Witherbee, Birmingham, Michigan, where we lived from 1955 until 1963. Dad planted the Norfolk Island Pine trees the year we moved in, and we have family photos of my sister and I when the trees were only 4 ft. tall. Now they tower 30+ feet.

20160717_115408_Witherbee Drive
This is Pembrooke Elementary School, across the street from our home, where I went from kindergarten until the 4th grade, when my parents put me into Holy Name Elementary school, hoping that the nuns could “fix” me. The school is new and doesn’t look at all like it did when I went there.
20160717_115438_Witherbee DriveBefore that we lived on Torrey Road in Birmingham, but that house has been torn down and there’s a bank on the property.

You can go home again, but it’s never the same.

 Where Jim’s Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother lived.

Leamington, Ontario

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  1. Sandy Rich says:

    How awesome to go back and look at the homes you were raised in.. I have done the same except for one that is 250 miles away.. Can’t drive by that one as often but it is nostalgic to look back and the feelings just sitting and looking at the home you were raised in with hopefully great memories that come pouring back into your mind. It can be a wonderful feeling. In fact I have often wished I could by back the homes and just keep them all in the family.. 🙂 <3

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