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The China Study, Condensed

[A summary of The China Study, by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, MD by Dr. Flora van Orden III, PhD Nutrition, a long-time friend and advisor of Jim’s]

1. One of the first things found was that the people in China in the rich disease grouping, including stomach, liver, brain, (0-8 years), lung, rectum, colon, breast, blood (leukemia) cancer and heart disease, diabetes and MS was associated with total blood cholesterol and urea nitrogen (what is left over after we metabolize protein. As the Chinese became more affluent, they ate diets richer in oils and animal products and the diseases increased. Even small increases in the intake of animal foods – meat, eggs, and milk – are associated with significant increases of chronic degenerative diseases. Decreasing or eliminating the use of animal products lessened the chance of getting these diseases.

A person eating 142 grams of protein a day will excrete twice as much calcium in the urine as will a person taking in 42. High protein intake results in calcium loss through the urine. Because our bodies need calcium to regulate many different functions, such as the functioning of our muscles and nerves, the deficit must be made up from withdrawing it from our bones, which become increasingly more fragile as their calcium is removed from them. 99% of our total body calcium is banked in our skeletons..

To consume adequate calcium, he writes, eat five dried figs a day, 135 mg. 15 minutes of sunlight will let your body produce all the vitamin D it needs. The Chinese eat almost no dairy products (except in those areas where McDonald’s has arrived), and low levels of calcium-rich foods, yet get less osteoporosis than we do in the West. Dr. Kirvran in France knew the reason why: our bones do not need calcium, even though they contain calcium. He proved that bones are made by eating potassium, magnesium and silica containing foods, which pick up hydrogen, oxygen and carbon in our bodies and turn into our bone calcium. His book Biological Transmutation showed us how this happens.

The Chinese eat almost 300 more calories than we do per day and are much less obese. In a very low-fat diet, a higher percentage of calories may be burned up as heat rather than being laid down as body fat. When fat is being burned s heat, rather than stored in the body as fat, it may have 11 rather than 9 calories per gram.

Oxidants, or free radicals, are an important cause of aging and disease. Antioxidants work to counteract the effect of free radicals. Inn China, the lower intake of foods rich in the antioxidants vitamin C and beta carotene, the higher the rates of esophageal and stomach cancer, but we should get them by eating whole foods – fruits and vegetables,which also contain phytochemicals such as indoles, phenols, and flavinoids.

Average cholesterol levels of China are half those in the west. and those at the higher end of the Chinese range had significantly more cancer and heart disease than those at the lower end. Fat and animal protein cause cholesterol levels to rise, while plant-based foods cause them to fall.

Seventeen times as many American men will die of heart disease than will Chinese men. Metabolic studies in humans show that animal protein raises blood cholesterol – a major risk factor for heart disease – more than does the much more feared saturated fat. Lean meats are just as damaging to your cholesterol levels as that piece of bacon you’ve been avoiding. All animal protein, not just fatty meats, raises cholesterol levels which can lead to heart disease.

A plant-based diet, even with plenty of fiber, gives normal iron levels. Too much iron from meat sources may increase the risk for heart attack.

Deaths from breast cancer were associated with 5 things: high intake of dietary fat, high levels of blood cholesterol, estrogen, blood testosterone, and early age at first menstruation, factors which are associated with diets high in animal-based foods. American women have a 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer. The highest rates occur in the countries where people eat the most meat. Changing our diet to one low in animal products and high in plant products can largely control the playing out of any genetic tendency toward disease.

In China, the more fiber eaten, the lower the rate of bowel cancer. Animal based foods have no fiber.

The mold aflatoxin does not appear to cause liver cancer in China. Chronic hepatitis, particularly in people with higher cholesterol levels, in associated with higher risk for liver cancer. Too many alcoholic beverages can cause liver cancer. Stomach cancer in China is associated with chronic infection by H. pylori, as well as with consumption of improperly fermented foods and high use of salt. Even in people predisposed to liver and stomach cancer, a high intake of plant-based foods leads to fewer cases of these diseases,

In a series of experiments, a diet high in animal protein (dairy) was fed to animals who had been exposed to a cancer-causing toxin (aflatoxin). Their livers tumors grew rapidly. However, the tumors stopped growing when animal protein was decreased and replaced with plant proteins. Animal protein promotes cancer, while replacing animal protein with plant protein stops cancer. Protein should make up only 8-10% of the calories in our diet. A reasonably varied plant-based died will easily provide enough protein..

The higher the levels of copper in the blood, the higher the rate of certain cancers.

There was a strong association between cadmium in the urine and primary liver cancer.

Thee was a correlation between herpes simplex infections and heart disease.

One in 10 men will get prostate cancer in the U.S. High testosterone levels trigger rapid growth of prostate cancer. and eating lots of animal proteins increases testosterone. A low fat high fiber diet lowers testosterone levels.


Use no added fats or oils. Eliminate or cut down on animal proteins of any kind. 8-10%. Increase fiber-containing foods. Eat a generous amount of plant based foods taken from different parts of the plant. Be careful with supplements.

Conclusion. Neal Barnard, M.D. Director of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine tells us that 2/3rds of Americans alive today will die of cancer or heart disease, most of it diet related. If we add a Chinese style diet to our modern refrigeration and food storage methods, we could end up with the best of both worlds – one that would guard us against the diseases of poverty as well as the diseases of affluence. If people the world over were to eat mostly a plant-based diet (as well as cut out recreational drugs including tobacco and alcohol) and if sanitation measures were taken in the developing countries to reduce communicable infectious diseases, scientists estimate that premature deaths from all diseases could be reduced by 80-90%!

Peace and Love be with You,
Dr. Flora van Orden

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 [Dr. Flora van Orden, PhD Nutrition, is a friend of Jim’s and was one of his advisors during the years that he was a prominent raw vegan educator. While Jim and Flora don’t always see eye-to-eye, we still respect and consider Flora’s opinion.]

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