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The Chars Go To the Groomer – Larra’s Version

imageI’d forewarned Jim that the Chars needed to go to the groomers Monday morning.

I got up early to get ready for day. Their appointment was at 10:30. I told Jim we needed to start getting Charlie and Charlotte in the car around 9:45.

I told him I would drive the care around the front of the house and park close to the curb so it was much easier for them to get into the car. Jim was already aware of how resistant Charlie is to getting into the car.

After parking the car at the front I came back into the house and said, “Okay, Jim, so that we are on the same page here’s what we”ll do. I’ll take Charlotte and you take Charlie. You put Charlie in the car first and then I’ll get Charlotte in.”

So Jim gets Charlie in the car and now I’m trying to get Charlotte in. It didn’t take too much coaxing to get her in.

When Charlie gets in the car he lays down for the whole trip. Charlotte, on the other hand, is high anxiety and jumps, steps and sits all over the back seat, including Charlie. So while driving Charlotte bounces all over the place, and someone (Jim) hadn’t hooked up the seat cover, so Charlotte ended up on the floor.

It wasn’t far to go, and she seemed okay, so I continued to the groomers. I parked the car and told Jim we have to grab Charlotte as soon as we open the back door, as she is a runner.

Well, it turned out Charlie decided he wanted out first. Because he can’t see I guided his front legs to the ground, and now he is between my legs, so I lifted his back end to the ground.

Now to get Charlotte. She is already on the floor of the car but her back legs are crossed. I straightened out her back legs and helped her out of the car.

We walk into the groomers and the girls come to the front. We discussed Charlotte first because she is so high anxiety and does not like her feet touched. The owner said, “Yes, her card reads ‘very difficult’.”

I said I knew, and her feet were a priority, and I wasn’t concerned about the cut. I asked them to shorten Charlie’s fur because of the hot weather. After describing what I wanted done Yasmin scoops Charlotte up and Nicole walks Charlie to the back.

So Jim and I run some errands. One hour later I get a call that the Chars are ready. Jim says, “They’re open ’till 5:00. My friend always used her groomer as a sitter.” I gave him The Look!🙄

Relaxing the day after.💞🐾

Relaxing, the day after.💞🐾

When we got to the groomers Charlotte came out first. Her cut looked like she’d had a fight with a weed eater in a dark alley! Poor little thing was so stressed. She walked to Jim and put her head between his legs, looking for comfort. Then she walked around me a couple of times, wrapping her leash around my legs so I couldn’t move.

Then Charlie came out with his short cut. I paid the bill and off we went.

Charlotte slowly walked out, as her back end must have been sore. Jim got Charlie in the back seat and I tried to coax Charlotte in. She was having trouble moving. After trying a couple of times to get her in the car gently I took her aside to comfort her. Jim is laughing at her hair do!

I tried to console her, petting her and talking to her. Nicole must have seen us and came out to help. She simply picked Charlotte up and placed her in the back seat. When you know what you’re doing things are so much easier. Thank you Nicole.💞🐾

I drove straight home and Jim complained about the smell. All I was concerned about was getting them home, back to their comfort zone. I parked on the side road up against the curb again.

imageJim got Charlie out, and as Charlotte started to get out, there it was. Poor little girl had pooped in the back seat. Fortunately I have a great dog seat cover. I got poop on my hands as it was all over her leash.

Jim said let’s just get them to the yard to clean them up. Charlotte just wanted to go inside and lay down but we had to clean her up first. I tried to get her to lay on the grass but this girl doesn’t sit still for anyone. Fortunately Jim could hold her down while I cleaned her up. Whew!

Finally I could let them in the house and Charlotte could relax. She drank lots of water.


Relaxing the day after.💞🐾

Relaxing, the day after.💞🐾


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    You see, everyone? Just like I told it.

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