with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Canada-USA Border

Sept. 15, 2016 – For me, crossing the border from the USA to Canada always involved crossing a lake or river, because I’ve always done it from Michigan or points East. And the border with Mexico, where I’ve crossed it, always had a river and/or a wall, or at least a big fence.

So driving along the US-Canada border outside of Vancouver and seeing this was quite a surprise to me.


Here we are, driving along the border. Canada is on the left, and the road on the right is in the USA. A ditch separates the two roads.20160915_122940

Vancouver area addresses are easy to find because of the road numbering system. Larra lives at 193xx 66 Ave, which means she’s near the intersection of 193rd Street and 66th Avenue. Notice that there’s no North, South, East or West to the address? I found out why today: The road along the US-Canada border in this area is Zero Avenue.

Below, we’re at the intersection of 256 St. and 0 Ave, and the silver pylon near the center of the photo is the US-Canada border marker.

20160915_122948 20160915_122805A border marker pylon.20160915_123042Canada is on the left, the USA is on the right.20160915_123754Above, a US road and US farm.20160915_123200
Above, a US farm and American cows.
Below, Canadian farms and Canadian grapes. LOL

Vineyards on the Canada side20160915_123531 20160915_12353020160915_123625The USA-Canada border crossing, surrounded by the farms above.

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