with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Bookstore Incident

301749827_323df49411_bMay 30, 2016 – Larra: On Saturday I took Jim to Chapters bookstore in Langley. Gentleman that he is, he held the door for me.

As I entered the store there were two women coming out. Of course Jim held the door for them, too.

Behind them came a young man, then two more women, then a group of three or four.

As the parade straggled out of the store, I heard Jim say, “Come On. Sure, you too.” Then, in a louder voice, as the young man approached the door and hesitated, Jim said, “Sure, come on. You, too…” Then, in an even louder voice, as the next group of women hesitated, “If I’m going to be polite, let’s be quick about it.” Finally, in a Drill Sergeant voice, he goes, “You, too. Come on, move it! Hup! Hup! Hup! Left, right, left, right. Move it, move it, move it!” Jim had a whole crowd trotting out the door. The looks on their faces were precious; a mixture of confusion and humor. Most of the people in the store had turned to look, wondering what was going on. I think I blushed.

As the last of the women trotted out the door, Jim walked in, looking nonchalant as if nothing had happened. I said to him, “You sure know how to empty out a store.”  I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Jim just smiled and shrugged.

I should have told everyone watching the scene, “He doesn’t do ‘polite’ very often,” or, “He’s a Yank,” which would have explained everything, because it always does.

I find I can dress him up, but unpredictable results occur when I take him out.

Since meeting Jim there has been no lack of humour and laughter in my life. In my Abraham Hicks studies I learned that I need to find more happiness in my life, and to laugh more.  I guess I manifested Jim to fulfill that need.

Jim: “Huh? What? Did I do something? Is there something in my teeth? Why are you looking at me that way?”

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  1. Sandy Rich says:

    That was actually nice of Jim 🙂 I find it rude when you hold the door for someone or two and then men and women of all ages come through as if your the door person. It is quite rude! I like how Jim handled it ! With left right marching orders. Maybe the rude ones will think about it next time they take advantage of a open door because many men are not so kind or women.!

  2. Bette Wright says:

    I think Jim has a great sense of humor and was always a gentleman !

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