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Jasper to Banff

O… M… G…! The Maligne Valley experience yesterday was just foreplay for today’s experience. We drove the 240 km from Jasper to Banff though the heart of the Canadian Rockies. It was magnificent, beautiful, breathtaking, huge, brutal, barren, lush, cold, inspiring and belittling. Larra and I took 485 photos between us. Here are a couple […]

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Maligne Valley and Lake

June 18, 2016 – Today we drove from Jasper, up the Maligne Valley, to Maligne Lake. This is a 100 km round-trip journey that had us saying, all day long, Oooh, Aaahh, Wow, Look At That, and I Never Saw That Before. It was an incredible day. Be sure to click on the photos to […]

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Hiawatha’s Not So Bacon Recipe

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Not So Bacon Recipe

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