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Sun, Oxygen and Water – Notes from Dr. Flora

Sun: Spend 20-30 minutes in the outdoors every day. Sit or walk in sunlight. Make sure to cover sensitive parts of your body. The best times to be outdoors are before 10 and after 3 p.m. Sunlight is the best immune-system builder. Don’t overexpose yourself to the sun; burning skin creates unhealthy cells, and later, skin cancer.

Oxygen: Breathe deeply, especially when you are near sources of oxygen (the ocean, fields and forests, running streams, and greenhouses with mature – over 7 days old – plants. Large leafed plants and mature wheat grass planters in your bedroom, living room and bathrooms will help. Juice and blend plenty of baby greens. Blending and juicing (even blending your water) enhances the oxygen and brings it into your GI tract and lungs.

waterWater: Distilled or reverse osmosis water is best for drinking, and soaking seeds and nuts. Other waters are potentially full of bacteria, viruses, parasites and inorganic chemicals.

Every other day, take a hot bath (put a bundle of wheat grass juice in the water for 10 minutes to neutralize the chlorine and pathogens) for 20 minutes using salts and baking soda, ground ginger or green clay (one to two cups per bath) followed by a cold-shower rinse. This process pulls toxins, especially heavy metals, out of the body through the skin.

Put a chlorine filter on your shower and use it to fill the bathtub, if you don’t have a whole house filter. If you have high blood pressure, do not take a bath with Epsom salts. Use potassium or magnesium chloride in your softener instead of sodium chloride.

Peace and Love be with You,

Dr. Flora van Orden III, Nutritionist

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