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Step 7 of Your 7 Steps to Health & Happiness

Here’s Step 7 of Your 7 Steps to Health & Happiness.

7-steps-to-succes-1What a great way to start a new month – inspired and resolved, because I’m changing my Life!

In the previous installments we’ve talked about (deep breath) getting started, motivation, creating a wellness journal, documenting our current health, the importance of goal setting, building your wellness plan, not justifying ourselves to others, and rewards. Whew!

This issue we’ll talk about staying on track.

Step 7 – Staying on Track

Once the newness of your new lifestyle starts wearing off you’ll find that there’s a temptation to fall back into your old ways, one bit at a time.

Stay in control by planning ahead, and remaining confident in your abilities. Find a balance between work, family, exercise, life and relaxation. Don’t try to do it all by yourself; rely on like-minded family, friends, support groups and co-workers to support you.

The way to counter this is by staying inspired. I watch at least one inspirational video or listen to one inspiring podcast each week. Continuing to read books, joining a support group, and going to events like health fairs are all good ways to keep yourself on the path to wellness.

Most of all, don’t feel you’ve failed when you drift from the path. Backsliding is natural – remember what we said about homeostasis in Step 1? You’ve committed yourself to a lifestyle choice – not a religion – so it’s not the end of the world if you order fries instead of a green smoothie one afternoon.

Just remind yourself of your commitment by asking yourself, “How much better am I doing now, than where I was before?”

Congratulations for completing this series! Today is the perfect day to start your new life. Try this video as a Morning Motivational:

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