with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Step 6 of Your 7 Steps to Health & Happiness

Here’s Step 6 of Your 7 Steps to Health & Happiness

7-steps-to-succes-1In the previous installments we’ve talked about getting started, motivations, creating a wellness journal, documenting our current health, the importance of goal setting, building your wellness plan and not justifying ourselves to others.

This time we’ll talk about rewards.

Step 6 – Rewarding Your Accomplishments

When you’ve accomplished one of your goals, give yourself a reward. Buy a new outfit, a book, or an inspirational DVD. Tickets to an event or a fun destination are also a good idea.

What I don’t advise is rewarding yourself with food. Junk food is an addiction, and many of us tend to use food for comfort and rewards.

Since a major portion of building a healthy lifestyle is breaking our old patterns of behavior, it’s a good idea to find other forms of rewarding yourself than with food.

My favorite way of rewarding myself is to go on a day trip. I’ll visit a park I’ve not been to before, or take a weekend camping trip to a special destination.

jimIn our next issue we’ll discuss rewarding yourself for your accomplishments.

Jim Carey


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