with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Shannon the Dog Walker

June 11, 2016 – Today Shannon, the dog walker, came over to get the house key from Larra, and instructions. It was obvious that Charlie and Charlotte were glad to see her again. Shannon took care of the dogs during Larra’s trips to Hawaii, Arizona and Mexico last Winter.

While Larra’s daughter is going to take care of the dogs at night, after work, Shannon is going to take care of them during the day.


Shannon and Charlie20160611_095850_66-ave_hdr

Shannon, Charlie and Charlotte

Larra, Charlie and Shannon

But when I tried to get a portrait shot of the four of them, it was a challenge. I settled on this composite shot. LOL 

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  1. Sandy Richter says:

    Happy Furbabys 🙂 <3 No matter how the pictures turn out <3

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