with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Sights of Sedona & Cliff Castle Casino

After a wonderful evening at Oak Creek Terrace, Larra and I spent a leisurely morning exploring Sedona. Later we headed south towards Phoenix, stopping for lunch at the Cliff Castle Casino.

I was last in Sedona in ’08 for Happy Oasis’ Raw Spirit Fest. Since then, they’ve put all of their utility wires underground, and replaced all of the traffic signals with roundabouts. It was impressive.

All photos are by Larra.

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We stopped at the new Cliff Castle Casino, near the Anasazi artifacts of Montezuma’s Castle. After lunch and some souvenir shopping, we made the final push down to Phoenix.

Tomorrow Larra and I part ways. She flies back to Vancouver, and I head back to Maui. [sigh] It’s been a grand trip!

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