with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Saying Aloha to Maui

20160511_164624_W Waipuilani Rd_HDRJim: When Larra and I started planning our next trip, I was raring to go. But when I got back to Maui to close up the Surf Shack and arrange my affairs to be gone for four months, I found myself dragging my feet, procrastinating, distracting myself with details, etc. To my surprise, I’m reluctant to let go of Maui!

I’ve been here for 20 months, my longest continuous stay yet, and found that I’ve built myself a comfortable little niche here, and am reluctant to let it go, even for another adventure tour.

So, kicking and screaming inside, every day I’ve managed to pull myself one step closer to letting go. Today was a big step; I finally cleaned up my car and listed it for sale, online.



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