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San Francisco

Sept. 20th – I’ve never been to San Francisco before. The reason I’m passing through here on the way to Maui is that I saved 30% off my ticket price, flying Vancouver->San Francisco->Maui, versus the best price I could find for Vancouver to Maui direct.

Sure, it doubled my travel time, but I’m retired. I have more time than money, now, and I also enjoy the scenic routes.


There’s the Pacific Ocean in the distance.


Coming up on Point Reyes, CA, according to the Captain’s announcement.

San Francisco Bay

20160920_140759 20160920_140903 20160920_142051 20160920_142400 20160920_144004 20160920_144610 20160920_144708 20160920_145308 20160920_145638 20160920_145710 20160920_145720

20160920_145753 20160920_145810 20160920_145956 20160920_150147 20160920_150155 20160920_150156 20160920_150341 20160920_152049 20160920_152054 20160920_152526 20160920_171247On the flight to Maui I had an aisle seat, so there’s not much to share of the rest of the journey.

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