with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

SAINTS Animal Rescue and Shelter

Sept. 17, 2016 – Today Larra took me to the SAINTS animal rescue shelter near Abbotsford, BC. This is one of her favorite charities. From their website:

  • SAINTS a home-for-life animal sanctuary for animals that have a hard time adjusting to a human world.
  • As is appropriate to their temperament our animals live in groups, so they always have somebody to play with.
  • Our animals live in temperature controlled buildings, where they have 24 hour a day access to their large play yards.
  • Our animals are fed a premium grade limited ingredient dry food, or other appropriate healthy diet.

20160917_104559 20160917_121514 20160917_105029 20160917_105845

All animals are neutered upon their arrival, and then live out their lives happy and comfortable. No animals are put down unless they’re unhappy and can’t be helped with medication.20160917_105820 20160917_105936

This cat prefers living with the rabbits, instead of the other cats.20160917_110218 20160917_110226 20160917_110949 20160917_111026The cats have free access to the outdoors, but they can’t escape. Each “cell block” [my term] has it’s own exercise area.

20160917_111108 20160917_111409

Pot-bellied pigs sometimes need rescuing, too.20160917_111456

This guy is anti-social, so he has his own corner, complete with TV and DVD player. He watches dog movies all day. What a life! 20160917_111532

Here is pays to be a grouch. This guy has a private room, and gets private walks in the yard.20160917_111621

This is Max. His back legs don’t work.20160917_111917 20160917_111939 20160917_112740

Too many drunken parties, I guess.20160917_113113

Volunteers spend time every day with all of the animals that want human company.20160917_113059

Building after building, room after room, all are cat heaven.20160917_113146 20160917_113248When pigs fly!20160917_112916

Winky is a hoot. Friendliest, happiest dog in the place, with only one eye.20160917_112650

Rooms are all isolated from each other, and animals are matched for compatibility. 20160917_113849 20160917_113854 20160917_114115

20160917_114342They call him “Disney,” but nobody told me why.20160917_114944

Another of the cat runs, above.20160917_110857

Animals with behavior issues get private rooms, with private outdoor runs.20160917_110904

Birds, too.20160917_110610

Even a turtle – an invasive species of turtle that can’t be released into the wild.20160917_114959

Ducks, geese and chickens.20160917_115040

These American Heritage turkeys are the same size as that seagull I photographed in Vancouver a few days ago.20160917_115217

There are three cows in the sanctuary.20160917_115230 20160917_115239

There’s a number of goats.20160917_115655

Two llamas.20160917_115720

More pot-bellied pigs.20160917_115832

There’s sheep in the corral.20160917_115949

Two horses and a donkey down by the pond.


Part of our tour group.20160917_120044 20160917_121048

This is the memorial garden, dedicated to the 700 animals that have lived out their lives here.20160917_121054 20160917_121233  20160917_112218This is buddy. He’s a 19 year old Black Lab. He says he’s going to stick around until the food runs out. He arrived five years ago, near death. With proper treatment and medication he’s now thriving, and loving life.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Sandy Richter says:

    A Place I have dreamed of opening my entire adult life <3 What a beautiful place for all of Gods furry, feathered friends <3 We need more and in the US.. The USA is so behind when it comes to a Place like this in every state ! What a dream.

  2. Jim Carey says:

    Corrections made. Thank you So Much, Val.

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