with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Quartzite & the Arizona Desert

imageAfter a great breakfast and enjoyable morning in Los Algodones we got in the car and headed up the western border of Arizona to Quartzite.

Photos by Larra because Jim wouldn’t stop; he wanted to reach the London Bridge before dark.

Here’s some traveling and background music while you browse the photo collection and share crossing the Arizona desert with us.

image image image


Quartzite, Arizona

Gems & Minerals International

Jim: I visited Quartzite in ’99. It’s grown a lot since then.


I’d forgotten how many rock shops there are in Arizona.

Quatzite shops

The shopping district in Quartzite.

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The Colorado river on our left.image image image image

We almost made it to Lake Havasau before sunset. The sunset over the desert was beautiful.

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