with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Our Time Apart

journeyJim: To bring you up-to-date, Larra and I were together on her trips to Maui for 10 days, then 15, then 20. We’ve had a total of forty days together, plus ten months of phone calls and lots and lots of email, and Facebook posts.

Forty days together.

I’ll admit that I hadn’t thought this long-distance relationship through. In fact, I’ve avoided long-distance relationships for most of my life. Larra admits that she hadn’t thought it through, either. Sometimes it’s really tough, missing each other so much.

Perhaps, however, it’s the fact that we’re apart more than we’re together that has let us fall so much in love.

As things are now, we meet up, have a series of adventures, then retire to our respective homes. To recuperate, as Larra says. LOL

Does absence make the heart grow fonder? In our case, perhaps it’s true. Then, when we are together, we appreciate each other more.

I also think we’re both living the sentiment expressed in the picture above, and personal growth takes time alone.

Jim [April 1st]: Who or what do you wish to become, Larra?

Larra: Powerful, sexually uninhibited, rapturous, confident. How about you?

Jim: I like getting laid.

Jim [April 3rd] Okay, so that was my insensitive, macho answer. Somebody other than Larra might have gotten angry. Larra didn’t reply.

I tossed that out there two days ago because, 1) It’s my image, and 2) I’ve been in a quandary, a confusion, a dither, ever since I met Larraine. Since I retired to the farm in Georgia 15 years ago, I’ve been manifesting (trying to manifest?) my true life partner. I knew that the Divine Order of the Universe would bring my Perfect Mate to me… eventually. Oh, I had lovers and girlfriends during that time, and more than one woman came driving up my private lane, coming from all over the world, looking to be with “Jim Carey the Raw Fooder,” and every time I thought, “She might be The One.”

But they weren’t. Most of them were chasing my image, and the True Me wasn’t what they were looking for.

Then Larraine came into my life. We emailed for months before her visit, then spoke many times of how we’d each manifested the other, during her first visit to Maui.

At one point I told Larraine, “Well, if you manifested me, complete with this imaginary back-story that I believe was my life before I met you, then I’m  your creation, and nothing I do is my fault. Everything I do is all because you want me to.” <<laughing, leering>>

Larra replies, “No, we manifested each other. And we’re each personally responsible for what we’ve done, and what we’re going to do.”

Well, it was a good idea. LOL.

Manifesting parking spaces is one thing, but mutual manifesting – both of our dreams coming true – was a whole new thing to think about. So that’s what I did – I meditated, I pondered, I analyzed the thousand million billion possibilities that all rolled together for this Vancouver gal to end up at an airport in Hawaii, with this guy from Michigan, Key West, Georgia and Maui to be eagerly awaiting to her arrival.

How complicated is THAT, for a manifestation? Wow. We manifested each other. Mutual Manifestation. I realized then that manifesting parking spaces was merely a primer exercise.

But did it stop there? Oh, no. Larraine/Larra then wanted to know what I want to manifest next.

Well, I’ve been really good at manifesting things into my life, ever since I accepted the Law of Attraction, but what do I want to do NOW?

The truth is, I didn’t know. I’ve been contemplating it for months – since last November.

Today, finally, it came to me. What I want to do is help manifest whatever Larra wants to manifest. I’m In Love with her, she’s the one I’ve been searching for all of these years. So the natural thing to do is help Larra manifest whatever she thinks is best for the both of us, and our relationship. After all, we ARE a great team.

People think I’m so smart. Puhh! Sometimes I’m as dull as butter and slower than molasses.

But now I know.

For sure.

Jim Carey
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon

Larra’s in Vancouver. I hope she gets back soon!

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