with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Our “Before” Pictures

August 3rd, 2016 – We showed up at Creative Health Institute planning on doing the program with the guests, and getting back on to a raw vegan diet.

That didn’t happen, but our week with Hiawatha Cromer at the Yahweh Wellness Center has left us inspired, and we’re going to do it on our own.

Here are our “before” photos, taken at CHI a few weeks ago. Larra’s goal is to lose 18 lbs., my goals are to lose 40 lbs. and to stop smoking.

Larra: I thought you were supposed to post your “before” and “after” pictures together.

Jim: Only when you’re successful, I suppose. I think this is more honest.

Larra: Well… Just remember that I know how to delete things on this blog…


Larra at 128


Jim at 225

The mud is from going for a wade in Hog Creek, out back of CHI. The bottom’s gotten mucky since I was here last.

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