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One Year Ago Today, Part 2

May 26, 2016 – One year ago today I was back in Vancouver to meet up with Larra. For months we’d been planning a Grand Tour of Canada and the US by automobile.

Our relationship fell apart while we were on my farm in Georgia last August. I stopped smoking, got snippy with Danny the caretaker, and Larra said she saw a new side of me, one she hadn’t known existed, and she fell out of love with me. After that we were cordial with each other, but the romance story was over.

I think it was what I warned her about before our first date: I told her I never date fans of my work with Creative Health Institute® and the Raw Living Foods Lifestyle® because that’s the “public me,” not the “real me.” I’m not wholly the guy in my TV shows.

In fairness, Larra then spent a lot of time asking about the “real me,” so much so that I broke my personal rule about dating fans. But in the end, she didn’t love me for what I am, but for what she thought I once was.

We’re still great friends, and will always have a lot of great memories of our times together.

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