with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Omaha, Nebraska

Aug. 23, 2016 – As we drove North along the Missouri River through Iowa, I learned that Larra had never been to Nebraska. What better excuse to take a break than to cut across the river and see the sights in Omaha – if there are any?

So we headed West at Council Bluffs, and shortly found ourselves in downtown Omaha. As we cruised downtown, admiring the historic buildings, I was drawn to the old Union Railroad Station, a classic art deco building that’s been restored as the Durham Museum.

So we took a break and spent a couple of hours touring the museum. It was great.

Part 1, Downtown Omaha

Nebraska20160823_131054Above is the Burlington Station, across from Union Station.
The intervening yard used to be lined with railroad tracks and boarding platforms.20160823_150259Views of downtown from Union Station20160823_150255 20160823_145319Another view of Burlington Station

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