with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Oak Creek Canyon

20160229_153156_HDRAs we traveled south towards Phoenix, we had the GPS set for shortest distance, which usually takes us on some pretty scenic routes. This afternoon Larra and I weren’t disappointed.

South of Flagstaff the GPS had us turn off the Interstate, and after a pleasant drive through a community of elegant hobby ranches, we found ourselves winding down a twisty road to the bottom of Oak Creek Canyon.

Words can’t describe how beautiful it was. The scale was difficult to photograph effectively. Only later did we learn that synchronicity had led us to a place that Rand McNally calls “one of the Top 5 Most Scenic Drives in America.”

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20160229_153129_HDRThe southern end of Oak Creek Canyon opened into the touristy part of Sedona. After driving around Sedona a bit during rush hour traffic, we stopped at the supermarket, then I fled back up the canyon.

Larra and I found a wonderful cabin at Oak Creek Terrace right on the creek, with a two-person Jacuzzi, king-size bed, fireplace with logs, a sliding window wall to an enclosed, walled patio, with tables, chairs, a gas grill, and indoor and outdoor TVs.

Ah… it was great. We had a wonderful, quiet, loving evening, and in the morning it was only a few minutes drive to downtown Sedona. We give the place five stars.

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