with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

North Vancouver

September 13, 2016 – Walking around the waterfront in North Vancouver.

20160913_132632 20160913_131720 20160913_131701 20160913_142935

Bike covers. Holds two bikes and then the cover locks down over them. Cool.20160913_142704 20160913_142604 20160913_142517 20160913_142509 20160913_142455 20160913_142433 20160913_142116 20160913_142003 20160913_141455 20160913_141447

A sandwich shop where Larra often ate lunch when she worked at ICBC.20160913_140822

Interior of the Quayside mall.20160913_140633 20160913_140254

After a long year of deleted selfies, I’m finally figuring out how to take a decent one.


Pizza and beer – luncheon of champions! LOL

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