with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Nashville, Smashville

August 1, 2016 – The honky tonk district, downtown Nashville. Music, music, music.

20160801_163140_BroadwayTootsie’s Orchid Lounge, next door to the first Grand Ole Opry, and where a lot of stars, including Willie Nelson, got their start.


IMG_9967The pedal tavern – drink, drive and tour the town. The driver was trying to take a selfie of them all. I offered to take their picture if they let me take some. When we saw them earlier while they were peddling around town the music was blaring and they were all laughing and singing. It looked like great fun.

IMG_9966The customers supply the pedal power.



IMG_9957Sunshine Smith has licensed Jimmy Buffet places everywhere.


IMG_9952Larra’s “one glass of wine a day.”

IMG_9950Take a selfie with Elvis. We didn’t.


IMG_9941Looking downhill to the honky tonk district and the river.




20160801_171956_U.S. 70

20160801_170508_1st Avenue SouthThe old railroad bridge is now a pedestrian walkway. Neat.

20160801_170427_U.S. 70


20160801_170318_U.S. 70

20160801_170410_U.S. 70A tug boat heading up the river.

20160801_164224_Tennessee 24My minion Larra is a Minion fan, of course, and found a minion lunch box

20160801_163338_U.S. 70



20160801_163024_BroadwayThree out of four businesses are bars – all with live music all day long.


20160801_162529_Commerce Street


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