with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

My Nashville Experience

FullSizeRenderAugust 1, 2016 – Nashville was amazing. Friends of mine had gone to Nashville before but I don’t recall anyone raving about it. I was actually told by a woman the night before we left Michigan that she was disappointed in Nashville when she went there. So I wasn’t expecting much.

Jim and I had planned to see The Grand Ole Opry House first and then The Blue Bird Cafe which was made famous by the movie on TV and Netflix. So we were expecting to spend a couple of hours there and then start driving to the cabin in Georgia.

We arrived at the Grand Ole Opry in the morning. As we walked around the grounds taking pictures Jim and I agreed this was not at all what we expected. I recall seeing a picture of it on a main street and much smaller than this. Jim agreed it just didn’t feel right.

So Jim googled it and sure enough this was the new Grand Ole Opry the original building was right downtown Nashville and is now called Ryman Auditorium. “That’s the one I want to see,” I said and Jim agreed. So Jim put the address in the GPS.

IMG_9907First we stopped at the Willie Nelson Museum as it was right across from where we were. It was fun to walk through and see all of Willie’s paraphernalia along with singers from the past like Patsy Cline and others. They had videos playing with Willie singing and kibitzing with other performers.

We had lunch right beside the museum at the Honky Tonk Grill which had Fried Catfish and Fried Bologna sandwiches on the menu. They eat a lot of catfish down here something I’m not familiar with. Neither of us ordered that. Then we were off again traveling to downtown Nashville where we would find out where all the action is.

It took a couple of detours due to road construction but with Jim’s navigation we drove right in front of the original Grand Old Opry! I was trying to take pictures but I couldn’t get the whole building in so Jim said get out of the car and I’ll go around the block and come back to pick you up. He is so accommodating when I want to see something or get a picture. or even not see something. LOL

20160801_162847_BroadwayI got out of the car and I got some pictures by the time Jim got back. When I got back in the car Jim asked if I wanted him to park the car and walk around. Yay! “That sounds great!” I said. See what I mean he is so considerate.

The empty parking lot cost $12.00 for two hours. So we walked down the street to Broadway where all the action was.

There were pubs and restaurants with Live Music playing side by side. Shops with souvenirs, guitars, country paraphernalia, and people all over the street. Music blaring out of every storefront. It was Alive! It was so uplifting. What a great day it was. This trip just keeps getting better and better.

IMG_9977When we left the downtown area we drove to the Blue Bird Cafe where many singer-songwriters have been discovered. It was out of town and now we were in rush hour traffic. When we got to the cafe it was a small cafe in a strip mall. There was a lineup outside the door with a security guard. As someone left they let others in. We did the same thing as before; I got out of the car to take pictures while Jim stayed in the car.

That was our day in Nashville. I loved it. I told Jim that was the best day of our trip so far. Thank you for bringing me to Nashville, Jim Carey.

Needless to say it was too late to start driving to the cabin so we looked for a place the stay the night, and made it as far as Murfreesboro.


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