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Mutual Manifesting Is Now In Overdrive


Jim Carey at CHI, 2005

July 9, 2016

From 2002 to 2010 I worked with Creative Health Institute (CHI) in Hodunk, MI. CHI was an alternative health institute teaching the raw vegan lifestyle.

Living the lifestyle was great for me. I lost over 40 lbs., and had the energy and flexibility of a much younger man.

I served in various capacities over the years, as Director, Business Manager and Executive Trustee of the Institute, and lived on the property for four of those years. I also developed and publicized the home study version of their program, which is how Larra became aware of and interested in me.

Don, the owner of CHI, sold the Institute to Lonnie shortly after I left. About a year later Lonnie died in a plane crash, and shortly after that Don died in a fire. Lonnie’s heirs kept the Institute open for another year, then closed it and put it up for sale.


Creative Health Institute, Union City Rd., Hodunk, MI in 2012

Eighteen months ago Brian McCrudden of Samson Brands purchased the property from Lonnie’s estate, and reopened it as Vibrant Health Institute (VHI).

This year, on the evening of May 27th, Larra and I were sitting in her kitchen in Vancouver planning our cross-continent trip. Larra expressed a desire to visit CHI on our journey. I explained how it had changed hands several times since I was Director, and I had no idea what their current program was like. But since my involvement with CHI had led to me sitting in Larra’s kitchen that night, I couldn’t help but agree that we could at least stop in for lunch.

Spoiler alert: “The more you live in synchronicity, the more you live in synchronicity.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

vid-greenWhen I opened my email the morning of May 28th, I had two separate letters from Hiawatha and Paul, two long-time CHI supporters, that VHI could use my help; that it was not doing well.

Well, the synchronicity of it made me laugh. I replied that I would be glad to help, and that Larra and I would be at VHI around June 25th. Larra and I discussed our plans again, and decided that we could spend the summer at VHI, if they needed us, and we would complete our odyssey another summer.

We both laughed at how easily, quickly and effectively we were manifesting things into our lives. We both could use a stay at VHI, a cleansing and revitalizing, and the divine order of the universe was putting it right in our path.

By the time we got to Banff, phone conversations we’d had with my mother had us concerned about the advance of her dementia. Mom’s 87. We decided to cancel our plans of driving across Canada and headed directly to mom’s place in Arkansas.

The good old days

The good old days at Creative Health Institute

On June 20th, in Calgary, I received an email from Michael, the Director of VHI, that the Institute was closed. A few hours later I received an email from Brian that he would like to talk with me about how we could reopen.

Since then we’ve gotten Mom on a green smoothie regime, and I’ve had several conversations with Brian. We’ve made a good connection. Larra and I are leaving tomorrow morning, Sunday, for Michigan. We have meetings with Brian on Monday and Tuesday, and if we’re compatible in our goals and outlooks, we’ll be reopening the Institute on July 31st.

During this week that Larra and I have been recharging at my cabin in Georgia, I’ve reconnected with my old team from CHI, and synchronicity has us brought together to redo all the great things we did years ago at the Institute.

I want to give special thanks to Steven Gibb and Juan Kirk for their enthusiasm and support in reopening. Special recognition is deserved by Hiawatha Cromer and Paul Murray for bringing Brian and I together, and their pledged support in reopening the Institute. I’d also like to acknowledge Dr. Flora van Orden, Deb Wing and Ricki Burleigh for their encouragement when I was debating whether to return to this calling.

Extra-special recognition goes to my wife Larra, for manifesting all of this into our lives. You go, girl! Mahalo. I love you with all my being.

  • Jim Carey, Herndon, GA

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