with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Leamington, Ontario

20160718_155835July 18, 2016 – Leamington is where Jim’s mother grew up, and his grandmother lived for most of Jim’s life.

We toured the marina, downtown, the family farms on Mersea Road 6, and his grandmother’s house on Victoria Ave.


IMG_9354The new marina. Jim went, “Wow, where did this come from?” LOL






Leamington harbor, where the ferry to Pelee Island docks.



IMG_9344We also drove by the old H. J. Heinz canning plant where Jim’s uncle worked for many years, and Jim told stories of his grandmother setting the table for his uncle’s lunch when the factory whistle blew at 12 noon.

The plant is now mostly closed, and what’s open is being run by another company.


So who knew this is where the ketchup we all grew up on came from. It always had to be Heinz in our household. It tastes the best. I searched google to see why the plant was closed after all these years.

The ketchup giant opened its first Canadian plant here in Leamington in 1909.

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and its partner 3G Capital paid $23.3 Billion US to buy Heinz in 2013. This closure put nearly a 1000 people out of work.

IMG_9339The Leamington welcome center is built in the shape of a giant tomato, and has been since Jim was a kid.


IMG_9336Downtown Leamington; little has changed since Jim was a kid.

20160718_151406Jim’s grandmother’s house at 42 Victoria Ave, where she lived for 25 years, and where Jim’s mom grew up. According to Jim, nothing’s changed in the 30+ years since she sold it, not even the garage.


20160718_150047Some Leamington homes.


20160718_145853These are homes along Mersea Road 6, where Jim’s Grandmother’s six brothers lived. All of them have passed, now.







20160718_145544On the right is the house that Jim’s great-uncle Ted built for Jim’s great-grandmother. On the left is the house that Jim’s great-uncle Golden Brown (Goldie) lived in with his family.




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  1. Sandy Rich says:

    How Fascinating to go back years later and look at the homes and town your close relatives especially mother, grandparents lived in. I have done this a few times but I was limited to my maternal grand parents because I didn’t listen good enough when my grand father always told me the addresses and streets that he was raised on and sadly I lost my other grandparents when I was a very young teen. There is much to be said about family history and much to be learned about listening to your parents and grandparents when your young so you can go back one day and hopefully retrace there steps.. It can be a fascinating feeling and insight into the past. Thank you for sharing 🙂 <3

    • Jim Carey says:

      My blessing was that when I finally showed an interest in this, in my 50’s, my parents and maternal grandmother were still around for me to “cross-examine,” and I learned a lot. Much of this was fond childhood memories, too.
      Thank you for your comment, Sandy.

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