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Larra Drives Me Over the Line


Crossing from Canada back to the US, and not sure, or caring, if they’ll let me back in. LOL

June 14, 2016 – Larra took me “over the line” today. Us Americans – these Canucks call us Yanks – us Yanks think it means “out of bounds,” “too much,” “you overdid it this time.” To Larra and the locals, going “over the line” means going to the US for groceries, alcohol and gasoline.

When I got to Canada they gave me $1.35 CN for every $1 US I gave them. $500 US turns into $685 CN. Pretty cool. Until you go to buy anything. Then they charge you double of what stuff costs in the US.  [See Buying Beer in Canada]

So the Canadian pastime is going to the US to do their major shopping at Costo, Wal-Mart, Fred Meyers, Safeway, Costo again, this time for gas, including your seven, five-gallon gas cans, and a swing by Trader Joe’s.

20160614_124225_W Maplewood Ave

Larra at the wheel

Oh… don’t forget to stop at the Pic it Up office on the way back, where you pick up your and other US mail order items before returning to Canada.

So that’s what we did today. Crossed over to the US, went shopping in Bellingham, took a nice country drive to Larra’s Pic it Up drop-off in Sumas, WA, and back to Langley, BC, with plenty of time to check in with David at the Wind Mobility store in the Willowbrook Mall.


On the way to Bellingham

I’m going to skip the shopping. I’m sure you’ve seen a Costco, etc., before.

20160614_153800_Easterbrook Rd

20160614_153342_Sumas Lawrence Hwy

20160614_153235_Sumas Lawrence Hwy

20160614_152724_E Main St

Driving through Nooksack, WA

20160614_152652_W Main St

20160614_152613_Everson Rd

20160614_153927_Morton St

Bob’s Burgers and Brew, Morton St., Sumas, WA

20160614_150841_E Pole Rd(0)


Now we’re back in Langley, to talk to David at Wind Mobility about Larra’s new Canada/US cellular plan.

The thing with Wind didn’t work out. Service was spotty and Internet speeds were terrible. Mobile hot spot was even worse. We changed services in mid-trip, while we were in Georgia:

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