with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Whale Watching on the Lani Kai

Lani-Kai-and-Whale-005This afternoon Larra and I went on a snorkeling and whale watching trip with Friendly Charters on the Lani Kai.

Larra’s not much of a one for the water, and I thought the water was too cold for swimming, so we stayed on the boat. The water was so clear that we saw coral heads, turtles and lots of fish without even going in the water.

The free buffet, beer and Mai-Tais made staying on the boat very attractive, too.

The crew were friendly, knowledgeable, and very safety-oriented. They were absolutely great!

We give the boat, the crew and the service Five Diamonds, because I don’t have a star icon (LOL). 

The humpback whales we saw on our way out and back in were awesome. We especially liked the mother whale with her calf. 

Their website:
Their Facebook page:

Video by Jim Carey – we had such a great time that I made this video.

20151109_135651_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR

20151109_135714_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR

20151109_135722_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR20151109_135744_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR


The island in the background is Lanai.


We weren’t the only ones who stayed on the boat.

20151109_140007_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR

All of the crew were on safety patrol, all of the time. When somebody got into trouble, the crew was right there with a float and calming advice.

20151109_140038_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR 20151109_140133_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR 20151109_140148_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR 20151109_140226_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR 20151109_140257_HDR 20151109_140527_Honoapiilani Hwy_HDR

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