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Jim’s Haircut

IMG_7866June 1, 2016 – Every time I visited Jim on Maui the guys he lives with always harassed him about getting his hair 💇cut. “Hey, Jim, when are you going to cut your hair?”

His response was, “You’ll have to ask Larra. She’s in charge.”

I knew who I wanted to trim and style Jim’s hair. My friend Judy had referred me to her. I had only had one haircut from Lori but she was very meticulous when cutting. So today I asked him if he wanted to have his hair trimmed. He said, “Whatever you want, dear.”

So I called Lori-Anne McBurney at “Hair Frenzy” in Langley and made an appointment for him. He was so easy and willing. LOL. When Jim sat in the chair he started with his usual story about how we met. Yeah, Mr. Macho said, “I was sitting on the beach in Maui and Larra came over and asked me what time it was.” Unbeknownst to Jim, Lori-Anne already knew how we had met. She looked at me and I shook my head. We smiled.

IMG_7849Jim is such a gentleman, well-trained by all the women in his past. Lori-Anne asked how much to cut off his hair. Jim said, “Whatever Larra says. She’s the boss.” While Lori-Anne meticulously cut his hair, sideburns, and eyebrows, and shaved his neck, much conversation was had by all.

Jim was happy with his haircut. Later that night Jim said, “I’m glad you suggested I have my hair cut. It feels so much better, and looks so much neater.”

IMG_7837Jim: This is one of the least macho things I’ve done in my life. But it meant a lot to Larra, as you can see. I’m sure she’ll make me happy I did it!

IMG_7863Put on a few pounds, didn’t you, Jim? LOL

Update: Lori-Anne, the stylist, recommended a shampoo for me that would wash the yellow out of my hair, and leave it a “glimmering white.” A few days later she came by Larra’s house to drop off the product. I was out back, working in the garden after overheating my computer.

Larra: Thank you Lori for the free shampoo and conditioner and a sample shampoo too. That was most generous of you.

Larra said, “Let’s take a picture.”

I said OK, and brought my rake with me. “What’s that for?” Lori-Anne asked.

“It’s my prop,” I explained. “When Larra got me to come to Surrey I thought it was so they could make me a Surrey Tech Worker. But instead, she just wanted to make me a farmer. This rake is my prop so my friends back on Maui will know what happened to me.

“Well, that, and cleaning up dog poop.”

Lori-Anne laughed so hard she almost collapsed.

20160610_172454Here’s a better shot of me and Lori-Anne, along with that hot red sports car she’s already manifested into her life. “Make sure to get the ‘Hair Frenzy’ logo in the shot,” she said.


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  1. Lori says:

    Aloha Larra and Jim… You two are awesome! A lot of fun and positive energy. Thank you for including me in your blog, lol.☺️
    Glad we met, and I am wishing you both, a wonderful, fun filled adventure!!!

    Look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your pics!

    Bon Voyage….Mahalo!!!☺️☀️☀️☀️ xoxo

  2. cheryl says:

    An adventure about a haircut eh?

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