with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Indian Rock Cave at Fairfield Bay

June 28, 2016 – At a few spots along the golf course at Fairfield Bay are a number of old natural caves. Larra and I went out late one afternoon in Mick’s golf cart, and explored a couple of them.


Yes, it’s big. That’s me in the corner of the photo.img_8908

Some smaller caves.img_8906 img_8905 img_8904 img_8903 img_8902 img_8901 img_8900 img_8899 img_8895

Looking outward from the big cave.img_8894 img_8893 img_8890

The hidden cave, near Hidden Cave Lane.img_8885 20160628_195639_indian-hills-country-club-rd_hdr 20160628_195453_hdr 20160628_195342 20160628_195256 20160628_195226 20160628_195111

20160628_195040 Petroglyphs in the big cave.

Below: Hidden Cave is SW of the marker on Hidden Cave Lane.
The other caves, including the big one, are at the bottom of the map very close to Snead Drive, right on the golf course.

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