with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

The Hoor House

Near Kingman, AZ

The gas station out front. Whore House t-shirts for sale here.

Near Kingman, Arizona.

A couple of hours after we left the London Bridge this morning I pulled off of I-40 onto the old US-66 – the famous Route 66.

When we pulled off of the Interstate, Larra asked me to stop at the gas station so she could use the bathroom. While I waited in the car, I noticed the illuminated billboard that said, “Girls, girls, girls.”

She was in there for the longest time.

When Larra got back to the car she said, “Did you know that place is a hoor house?”

“A what?”

“A hoor house!”

“Spell that for me, would you, please?”

Crazy Jack's Whore House

In back of the gas station is this building.

“W. H. O. R. E.”

“Oh, a whore house. In the US we say whore.”

“That’s what I said,” Larra replied. “A hoor house. It really is! Do you want to come in and meet the girls?”

It’s a real place; they even have a Facebook page:

Crazy Jack's Whore House

Note the limo in the background.


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