with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Homer, Michigan

IMG_1180July 22 – 23, 2016 – We stopped in at Homer, MI to visit Jim’s friend from Creative Health Institute, Kent Williams.

Kent took us to dinner in town, where they have this sign in the parking lot. There are a lot of Amish in the area.

Larra’s Experience

July 22nd – We drove up Kent’s driveway and knocked on the door. He lives in the house that he grew up in which was built a very long time ago. Jim hadn’t seen Kent for awhile so we sat in his living room talking up a storm.

When I went to use the washroom the toilet wouldn’t flush. I had to flush then wait, flush then wait, flush then wait, flush then wait. Did I mention this was a very, very old house?

We were supposed to stay here overnight. How am I going to stay in a place where the toilet takes forever to flush? I’ll be spending most of my time in the washroom flushing and waiting.

I voiced my concern to Jim and he said don’t worry about it. I can take care of whatever happens. He says he will clean up whatever needs to be done. God Love him. This is a huge stress for me and he just takes it all in stride.

So later Jim takes me to another room and said this toilet will flush. After he walked away I looked at this toilet and listened to that voice inside of me and tried flushing before I even used it. There was no flushing – it did nothing. YIKES!

One of the things I had warned Jim about before we even met was that washrooms-restrooms-toilets are very important to me. Maybe I didn’t quite explain that the toilet had to be in good working order – like flushing – hopefully, the first time around. LOL

As it turned out we didn’t stay overnight anyway. The Universe was looking after me. Apparently Kent hadn’t told his wife we were coming. She wasn’t too happy about that but he told us we could stay anyway. I said no way. If your wife isn’t happy about us staying then we ain’t staying. [Ain’t? You’ve been in the States too long. – Jim]

It was actually a relief for me. Jim and I got a motel in town and went back the next day to visit with Kent.

Kent is a very interesting man. Very intelligent and educates himself. He is also into conspiracy theories. This is something I dabbled in years ago but I am no longer interested in them. They go against the grain of my teachings with Abraham Hicks. They are a negative energy so I choose to live my life in a positive, forward-thinking Energy.

But he didn’t dwell on them, and he also had some very positive, interesting theories. Some of it went way over my head. LOL

His garage was full of gadgets for different health care, cleansers, energizers and experimental alternative therapies. He filled up a bucket of water and put a metal ring in the water, I put my feet in the water and it apparently pulls toxins out of the body.

Kent set it up for both Jim and Ito try out. Of course Jim said I had to go first. “Putting an electrical wire in water isn’t something I want to try first,” says Jim, laughing.

Okay, I was pretty confident Kent wasn’t trying to electrocute me, so I went first.

The water was scummy and disgusting after the 20 minute treatment. Jim kept commenting on how awful the water looked. Ya, well, it was just as disgusting when Jim did it too.

Did I feel any different? I’m not sure. I think you would need to do it several times to see what happens.

Kent had his wife make us a green smoothie. I sat and talked with her awhile. When she found out I was from Canada she was very interested in hearing more about Canada. She is from the Philippines. She said she had friends in Canada and that she would really like to live there.

Kent was interested in seeing Creative Health Institute reopen and succeed. He doesn’t live that far from CHI and it was a place he could go visit and get a healthy meal. Apparently he had a lot in common with Don the previous owner who had since passed.

Kent is in his 80’s and appears to be in good health. He still works as a truck driver.

I really liked Kent. He is a kind, personable man. He took an interest in my beliefs, listened to what I had to say. I hope I get to meet up with him again soon.


Jim: As we settled into the motel room Larra said to me, “This is the third time that we’ve been kicked out of a Creative Health Institute-related place. Do you think the Universe is telling us something?”

I think my future lies away from CHI.

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