with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Hanging Out at The Maui Sunset


Me trying to get a shot of the lei Jim gave me. I got lei’d at the airport on my first trip!

Jim called me in the morning, asking if I would like to go out for breakfast. Yes, I said, eager to see him again.

He said he would be over to pick me up and he was bringing his Vitamix and juicer with him so we could make smoothies at a later date.

I got myself ready, both excited and nervous to see him.

We sat and talked about what we would do for the next ten days, before going out for breakfast.

Jim said he would like to drive around the island and go to Hana but it would be an over-nighter. He said we could stay in a hostel right in Hana.

Okay… I had to think about this. I just flew 2600 miles to meet him and now he wants me to get in a car and take a two-day trip around the island with him.



The kitchen, living room and balcony.


My room was billed as “partial ocean view.” If you leaned out a bit, you could see the Pacific.



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