with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas

June 29, 2016 – Because Mick is a volunteer EMT – he drives the ambulance, a cool job – he gets to borrow rental boats down at the Fairfield Bay Marina at no charge. Today Mick took us out on Greers Ferry Lake. We crossed under the bridge at Hwy 16 and back, then the bridge at Hwy 92, and back, and back west to the marina.


Jim, Mick and Jean

20160629_121335_state-highway-330 20160629_121510_state-highway-330_hdrFeeding the fish and turtles.

img_0977 img_0978 img_0980 img_1001 img_0997   20160629_123129 20160629_123136 20160629_123152 20160629_125604 20160629_130130 20160629_130154 20160629_130203_edgemont-rd 20160629_130514 20160629_131111 20160629_131124_grand-isle-dr 20160629_132018 20160629_132219 20160629_132249_edgemont-rd 20160629_132403 20160629_132412 20160629_132442_stark-ave 20160629_132652_edgemont-rd 20160629_132704_edgemont-rd 20160629_133336 20160629_134806 20160629_135116 20160629_135437 20160629_135516_hdr 20160629_141135_pine-st_hdr 20160629_145332Coming back in to the marina.

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