with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Getting to Know You

20151106_122617_HDRAfter breakfast Jim drove me around the area. First, we drove to the Maalaea Harbor docks, where the Lani Kai dive boat – a boat that Jim does publicity for – would be, if not out working. He said we would go out on the boat next week.

We drove to Lahaina, a historic village and Maui hot spot. The last time I was in Lahaina was in 1976. It’s a great area for touristing, shopping and lunch in an elegant restaurant.

We walked the strip and stopped in amazing art galleries, stores and souvenir shops. The galleries in particular were amazing. Jim is seriously into art, so it was another educational tour.

20151104_173127There was an amazing desk in one of the shops. It was full of gears, and motorized, and the gears all rotated.

Jim was entranced by it, and said that if he still had his computer company in Key West, he’d be writing a check for the $26,000 they were asking for it.

We joked with the shop clerks everywhere we went. Jim would laughingly say something like, “This lady has stalked me for ten years, and now she’s come to Maui to meet me.” Of course they would look at us, wondering if he was joking or telling the truth.

When I demurred, he would point to me, laugh, and say, “OK, you tell the story.”

Lahina Rainbow

I would have missed this rainbow if Jim hadn’t glimpsed it between the buildings and called my attention to it.

I haven’t been much of a story teller all my life. When Jim met my girlfriend Judy in Vancouver, and told her all that we had done, she said, “I had to talk to Jim to find out what Larraine’s been up to.”

So, I told the shop lady the story of how I was following a raw foods lifestyle, and how Jim had written newsletters, and been on TV shows and videos on the subject. I told of how I had fallen head-over-heals for him, and how I finally got up the courage to message him and ask him if he was single.

Since then I’ve learned that the story of how Jim and I met is way too long for casual conversation, so now I just keep quiet and let Jim tell people how I picked him up on the beach in Maui. According to him, I walked up and said, “Hello, sailor.”

20150313_182737_HDRAfter the gallery tour we drove around some more, seeing sights and talking. I was feeling much more comfortable with him.

On the way back to the Maui Sunset we stopped for groceries at Times Market. I was surprised at the price of food. Wow! Pineapple and papaya were much more expensive than at home. They’re sold by the pound instead of by the item. I had thought I was going to eat mostly fruit while I was here; I may have to rethink that.

Finally we went back to the condo, unloaded the groceries, and sat and talked some more. There was no end to conversation for us.


That’s West Maui in the distance.

I felt like I had known Jim all my life. He makes a person feel so comfortable, and if you don’t know something there is no body language or feedback from Jim indicating that you should know these things.

All through the day I had been thinking about Jim’s suggestion to drive around the island. That voice inside my head said, “Larraine, you flew all the way over here. Now relax and enjoy the ride. Stop resisting. Jim is obviously a very caring and considerate man that wouldn’t let any harm come to you.”


Makawao Community Church, Maui

So I decided to start enjoying life and revel in this amazing journey that Jim and I were on together. I told Jim,”Yes. Let’s drive around the island and see the sights.” And am I glad I did!

He was happy for the adventure, too, as he loves driving around the island. He said we could leave Friday morning. He told me what to pack, how long we would be and what we would do. Jim really knows how to communicate. He doesn’t leave anything to fate.


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