with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Dr. Flora’s Veggie Kraut Recipe

Directions for Making Veggie Kraut

Buy 3 heads of organic cabbage: 2 purple and 1 green.

Take off and set aside at least 3 large unblemished outside leaves and same them to cover the kraut mash later.

Juice the cabbage.

Mix the juice and pulp together, if you don’t have a homogenizer like a Champion, and pack it into a scrupulously clean ceramic crock. I use crock pot inserts.

Make sure that the top of the mash is not more than 1″ from the top of the crock lip.

Cover with 1 layer of cabbage leaves, with the curl ‘up.’ You may have to remove the stalky center part to allow the leaves to lie down flat.

Put a ceramic or glass saucer on top of the layer of cabbage leaves that is slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the crock pot and gently work it under the curly ends of the leaves around the edge of the pot.

Put a glass sun tea jar full of rocks or water on top of the little saucer/plate, and place the crock on top of a clean water heater or next to a water heater for 3 days. If you have none, just put it in a place where it can ‘make’ quietly with no drafts, but air.

3 days later, decant the veggikraut into glass jars. Save the leaves to cover the top of the jars.

Do not cap the jars.

Don’t put a spoon in the jar that has been in your mouth.

You may add dill seed, cardamom seed, or anise spices if you wish for seasoning. Use as much as you want to add to the Energy Soup.

Please, no salt.

This contains all of the B-complex vitamins and so much more.

After you get to a point that you are well or have reached your goal in your program, let me know and I’ll let you in on the most delicious ‘perfect bite’ recipe using this kraut that I know of. And, I’d be happy to share it with you but it is not blended.

We all need to be using only blended and juiced foods right now to maximize our cell regeneration, generation, and elimination of toxins.

Peace and Love Be With You,

[Dr. Flora van Orden, PhD Nutrition, is a friend of Jim’s and was one of his advisors during the years that he was a prominent raw vegan educator. While Jim and Flora don’t always see eye-to-eye, we still respect and consider Flora’s opinion.]



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