with Larra Jones and Jim Carey

Detroit’s People Mover Rail System, pt. 4

July 15, 2016 –
Screenshot_2016-08-09-09-09-58This is what happens when an engineer goes on vacation.


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  1. Sandy Richter says:

    I swear I didn’t think the People Mover even Moved any more! My husband has torn down half of Detroit through out the years! The City has been so broke because of constant past Corrupt Mayors taking pay offs and Paying off Big $$$ to there friends who are Contractors and then getting huge kick backs that the FBI had to get involved in taking down the last Mayor! I used to do work in the city and the out skirts but I wouldn’t get caught down in Detroit even armed these days! Well actually the last 30 years it has been not so safe except night life in Greek Town. 🙂

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